BRICKLIVE is an event for the whole family! Edutainment elements predominantly aimed at children aged between 5 and 14, it is an event where the whole family can Play, Create and Discover by exploring the various zones filled with toy bricks.

Animal Paradise

An expo of brick-built statues themed around animals that exist within various habitats across the globe. Come face to face with amazing creatures such as a friendly Giant Panda, a towering Bengal Tiger, a proud Gorilla and a graceful Dolphin.

Ocean Life

An incredible journey through the amazing, diverse wildlife of the world’s seas. The oceans are full of different types of creatures and they come in all shapes and sizes. Come and marvel at these unique forms through our brick-built statues.

Race Ramps

Feel the excitement of the race in the Race Ramps Zone

Create your dream race-car and put it to the test against friends and family by speeding it down the custom ramps to claim your spot on the podium. Our ramps are low enough to allow visitors 4+ years to take part in the activity and the brick-built trophy and podium will allow for that perfect winning photo to show your friends.


Build and play your way through the Minecraft Universe in our Minecraft Builder Zone.

Immerse yourself into a thrilling experience of building your own Minecraft creation, dig through the specialist bricks and build to your heart’s content, the world awaits your vision.

Map Build

Make a landmark, build a flag or fill the seas! Pick a country and build away.

Whether you cop a Landmark make a bridge or even make the countries’ flag, the build opportunities are endless. Located in the centre of the zone is a printed world map diorama where fans can build their creation and populate the map. This zone gives endless build opportunities for the aspiring builder.

Graffiti Wall

Make your mark using the wide selection of bricks on the giant stud covered wall. Names, mosaics and some wonderful designs will have the Graffiti Wall explode into a wall of colour throughout the day.

Safe Play Brick Pods

Unlimited building possibilities await you in our Safe Play Brick Pods! Pick your colour and build away. Over 250,000 bricks spread across 20 pods means fans can spend hours building whatever they want from a pos shared between friends and family only.